EIHL Weekend in Review: Sheffield Steelers and More

The Steelers were in for a mixed weekend in the EIHL, traveling up to Braehead for a Friday night league challenge, and then having a Saturday off and back to the arena on Sunday to take on the Belfast Giants.

Braehead Clan vs Sheffield Steelers 08.12.17
Friday saw the Steelers take two points from Glasgow, with Toby Craig having a decent game refereeing and despite the traveling team being down a forward and defenseman in Kieran Brown and Zack Fitzgerald, both through injury, while the Clan were just down on Ryan Potulny.

eihlA 4-1 scoreline was a brilliant result, goals coming from four different goal scorers in Matheson, who is just on fire lately, O’Connor, Marquardt, and Westerling. It was good for the Steelers to have four different men on the scoresheet.

The lone goal for the Clan came from Tyler Scofield, which tied the game at one until the Steelers took over the next 40 minutes.

Lots of penalties came throughout the night, however, it didn’t stop either side from playing to their full potentials and making the respective netminders work.

Match Statistics:

Man of the Matches~
Clan: Ryan Nie
Steelers: Mark Matheson

Tyler Scofield 1+0, Tyler Shattock

Matt Marquardt 1+0, Mark Matheson 1+0, Ben O’Connor 1+0, Mathieu Roy 1+0, Scott Aarssen, 0+1, Miika Franssila 0+1, Jonathon Phillips 0+2, Andreas Valdix 0+1, Jonas Westerling 0+1

Sheffield Steelers vs Belfast Giants 10.12.17

On a Sunday night at the Sheffield Arena, the Steelers fell to a 3-2 loss to the Belfast Giants. With Tom Darnell in charge, and it should’ve been a strong content of refereeing. The Steelers were down yet another two men in addition to the two who were missing on Friday night. Liam Kirk and Cole Shudra were off on a Great Britain expedition.

Belfast was without Spiro Goulakos through a suspension, which was a convenience for the Steelers as they had no big enforcers out there.

With a 1-1 first period, neither team had a chance to get back in it, Shields the scorer for the Giants and Fretter for the Steelers. It was going to be a Giant task for the Steelers to get past Whistle however they managed to do it one more time. The only goal of the second period came from Brendan Connolly, putting the Giants 2-1 up inside 40 minutes.

Penalties were flying in left, right and center, Belfast scored again to make it 3-1, Darcy Murphy the one credited with the goal. Sheffield did manage to bring it within one before the end of the game, Dowd and Nelson’s hard work paying off once more, Dowdy shooting blocker side from an impossible angle, sending it rocketing past Whistle to give the final score of 3-2 on a Sunday night, giving the Steelers a 2 point weekend.

Match Statistics:

Man of the Matches:
Giants~ Jackson Whistle
Steelers~ Fretter

Robert Dowd 1+0, Colton Fretter 1+0, Scott Aarssen 0+1, Mark Matheson 0+1

Brendan Connolly 1+0, Darcy Murphy 1+0, Sebastian Sylvestre 0+2, Colin Shields 1+0, Blair Riley 0+1, David Rutherford 0+1, Jim Vandermeer 0+1

The Steelers are to move onward and upward to a Challenge Cup Road game in Dundee on Wednesday, followed by a road trip to Cardiff on Saturday and then a home game against the Flyers from Fife on Sunday night.